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Liz McPolin, dnace education consultant


I have worked in dance education for thirty-six years as a teacher, lecturer, advisory teacher, advanced practitioner, choreographer, examiner and consultant. More recently, I have been focusing on my roles as a dance performer and consultant in dance education with companies such as Gary Clarke Company on their highly successful project of COAL.

In the course of my journey, I have had the privilege of teaching some remarkable young people, many of whom came from deprived backgrounds with countless obstacles in their paths. As I gained their trust, they gained my respect through their willingness to give vent to their imaginations and talents.

It has been a joy, indeed hugely fulfilling to see their journeys evolve from the creative and disciplined environment of the studio and empowering platform of the stage to places they never would have dreamed possible.

Learning is about change, and where there's good learning there's good teaching.

"Her passion and commitment to the art form is infectious and inspirational and her delivery has a fantastic rigour and drive of an exceptional quality and something I feel very lucky to have experienced. Her methodology and approach still continues to play a major part in my own practice and is something I always try to encourage in others."
Gary Clarke, Dance Artist and Choreographer / Winner of the UK Theatre Award / Winner of UK Critics Circle National Dance Award
"I have known Liz for almost 20 years, she was one of my earlier dance teachers and my experience of her as an educator is phenomenal. There is always such a momentum in the way Liz works that she can enthuse the most reluctant of students whilst driving the best of us beyond our limitations. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the UK's best educators in dance and I count Liz among them."
Phil Sanger, Dance Artist, Lecturer and Life Coach



Use dance to promote creativity, engage pupils and drive up pupil attainment.



Embark on a new dance journey and join in a new CPD that is highly motivating and fun!



Take the SMART approach to dance teacher training



At the heart of Professional Training lies a desire to develop a creative intelligence in young people through dance. Lying at the bridge between physical culture and the arts, dance is totally unique. Essentially, it is uniquely placed to play a crucial part in a child's development within a balanced curriculum.

Bespoke consultancy is provided to a range of organisations and companies who share the vision of developing high quality dance provision

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"High quality dance promotes whole school improvement through improving the culture of the school, raising aspiration and enhancing the profile of the school in the community"
Dance Education, A Guide for Governors and Trustees
"More than class size, social class, the physical environment and other factors, the heart of educational improvement is inspiring students to learn, which is what great teachers do."
Ken Robinson, 2015 Creative Schools
"Wherever children start in life, a high quality cultural education in every school should be a right, not a privilege."
Darren Henley OBE, Chief Executive, Arts Council England
"Dance has always been a means of knowing oneself and other people, of understanding the society around one and fitting into it."
Peter Brinson, 1993 Dance in Schools, Arts Council England
"Continuous Professional Development of teachers is not a luxury. It is an essential investment in the success of students. Their schools and their communities."
Ken Robinson, 2015 Creative Schools